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  My name is David Beaver and I make knives.  My passion for creating started early and has taken me down a variety of paths in it's pursuit.   I enjoy being able to express myself through my work and I am thrilled to be able to share my vision through a medium that is functional, tactile and beautiful.  I grew up in Southern California and have recently relocated to Massachusetts with my lovely wife and two crazy children. I am lucky to chase the kids full time and make knives out of my home shop.  I spent a number of years as a cabinetmaker and then as a theatrical scenic fabricator, giving me a unique opportunity to work with wood, composites, plastics, fabrics and metals. I began knife making out of curiosity for the craft and quickly became intrigued with the variety of disciplines involved, the elegant design possibilities and the mechanical necessities of a well functioning tool. I initially focused on culinary knives and am currently working in a variety of styles from Bowies to folders.  

  All my products are personally designed and individually handcrafted, which takes time but is hugely rewarding in that each piece is unique and no two are ever entirely alike. Blades are made via stock removal from quality knife making steel, primarily CPM 154, AEB-L, Magnacut, 1095 and stainless or carbon Damascus.   Folding knives feature frames or liners of 6AL-4V Titanium. I use a wide variety of material to adorn the handles; Exotic hardwoods, Vintage laminates, Damascus, Timascus, Zirconium, Mokume, Stag, Carbon Fiber variants, Mother of Pearl and even Meteorite. The unique combinations of these types of materials afford endless design possibilities.

  My grandfather began woodworking in his retirement, making gifts for the family, many of which I still have.  The train that he made me for Christmas now belongs to my son.  I started woodworking with his tools and continue to use many of them today.  I sincerely hope to be able to share my craft in the same way that he did. 



David Beaver

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